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Meet Premier Jay Weatherill July 30th - 22 July 2014
South Australian Premier is hosting a reception for expatriates on July 30th. » more
To the last man and the last shilling - Sunday August 3rd - 1 July 2014
Join us for a historical talk at the grave of Labor Prime Minister Andrew Fisher in West Hampstead, London followed by BBQ lunch in a nearby pub. » more
Overseas Voting for Western Australian Senate Election - 21 March 2014
You can vote in person at 13 locations around the world or by post. » more
WA Senate election voting in London from March 24th - 19 March 2014
Voting in London for the Western Australian Senate election starts on March 24th » more
WA Senate election campaign meeting March 20th - 8 March 2014
All Labor supporters are welcome to attend our Western Australian Senate election campaign meeting. » more
Meet Chris Bowen April 11th 7pm - 23 February 2014
Join us to hear Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen when he speaks to ALP Abroad. » more
Australia v Ecuador in London March 5th - 21 February 2014
Join ALP Abroad in cheering on Socceroos. Discount tickets available to ALP Abroad supporters. » more
Meeting on Feb 20th - 11 February 2014
Join us at the Blue Posts at 7pm on Feb 20th » more
Overseas Voting for Tasmanian State elections March 15 - 3 February 2014
Overseas voting for the state election can only be done by post or "express vote. " » more
Voting overseas for South Australian election March15 - 2 February 2014
You can vote in 5 different locations or by post to re-elect the Labor Government of Premier Jay Weatherall. » more
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