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Meet Anna Burke MP September 16th
Join us for a meeting with Anna Burke MP. Bob Hawke's Yard Glass record pilgrimage August 9th
Join ALP Abroad on a trip to Oxford to find the true story at the actual location of Bob Hawke's famous record. Join us at the Ashes on August 2nd
You are welcome to join ALP Abroad at the Ashes at Edgbaston the fifth day of play on Sunday 2nd of August. Meeting with visiting Australian Labor delegation June10th
We will have the visiting ALP delegations as guests. Anzac Day Centenary Events in London
Join us at events to commemorate 100 Years since Gallipoli in London on Saturday April 25th. more news »
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Welcome to ALP Abroad
ALP Abroad campaigning for Labor in London 2013 ALP Abroad campaigning for Labor in London 2013

ALP Abroad is Australian Labor's International Supporters' Network for the over one million Australians who live, work and study overseas.

We support Labor because we want an Australia: 

  • to be proud of while we are overseas
  • that will continue to provide opportunity and fairness when we return.

The Leader of the Australian Labor Party is Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition. 

Under Labor, Australia's economy remained strong while the rest of the world has suffered an economic downturn. Only under Labor will Australia continue to go forward with fairness. 

Contact Paul Smith ALP Abroad President on 07 939240 228 or about being involved in our campaign. You can also keep in touch by joining our Facebook group

Bill Shorten is now ALP Abroad number 1 ticket holderBill Shorten is now ALP Abroad number 1 ticket holder
Bill Shorten was presented with the Number 1 membership ticket for ALP Abroad in London when he spoke to ALP Abroad on January 31st.  read more » We are on facebookWe are on facebook
Keep in touch with all our latest events by joining our facebook group.  read more »
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